Halvdan Viking is eleven years old and lives in the East Village with Björn, the blacksmith, after his father left to go hunting. However, Halvdan is not a ”real” Viking. He walks with a limp, lacks confidence and is longing for a friend. Close to the East Village is the West Village. The two villages have been in a feud for a long time and it is forbidden to be on the wrong side of the river that separates east from west.

One day, Halvdan meets the fearless Meia, daughter to the king in the West Village. They form a close friendship although they are not allowed to see each other. When the West Village is planning to attack the East Village the two friends sets out to prevent war. But are they brave and smart enough to stop the attack?


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Genre: Children, Family
Original Title: HALVDAN VIKING
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
First Release: Oct 26, 2018
Duration: 91 min

Director: Gustaf Åkerblom
Producer: Anagram Sverige AB, Jessica Ask
Co-producer: AB Svensk Filmindustri
Cast: Vilgot Hedtjärn, Ellinea Siambalis, Peter Haber
Script: Gustaf Åkerblom